For any outsider (hopefully) that may read this post, Global  Leadership Lab is a very intensive and interesting training, part of Atlas Corps fellowship. Each four month, fellows from different classes get together and in four days they attend amazing speeches, training and VIP speakers, an experience that for sure enriches this one year of service in the United States.

This September, as a fellow of Class 23, I had my last  GLL. I am going to miss it, it has been one of my favorite activities of this fellowship. I will miss the speakers, Deloitte professional schedule and all the fellows, that this time were ninety of them. This GLL was also the one that we had to say goodbye to a few fellows. It is hard to create ties when you first meet some people, but it is harder when you have to say goodbye to them at the end of this common journey.

This GLL I learned some new terms and insights that for sure will improve my work as a global leader in the future. My favorite topic were of course the BUSINESS CHEMISTRY, because I generally like to put psychology in everything, business included. I came to know that I am mostly  a GUARDIAN, but also had a side as INTEGRATOR. Playing with this kinda “game” designed for the fellows by DELOITTE, I had time to think again and maybe more deeply about my personality at work and how it has influenced or can influence the relationship with colleagues, partners, collaborators etc. This kind of knowledge would definitively improve the performance at work. Having the control on your downsides and also being aware of the advantages.

I also found very helpful the insights on IQ and EQ. We have heard a lot about IQ, but this time we heard also about EQ, which especially in nonprofits area is very important. Global leaders in nonprofit sector are more likely to succeed with proper EQ attributes, rather then IQ, because in nonprofits it is the spirit and the personality playing a huge role, rather then the mathematics or science.

And of course, like everyone else, my favorite part was GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY’s course. Though I learnt a few things from that session, the one that really hit me was the fact that  coincidence and fate always are an important and decisive actor in our successes or failures. This is to also make the peace of mind and accept the fact that sometimes, no matter how good we are or how much we prepare, things make go good or bad despite of our efforts. And the best thing we can do, is… let it go!

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  1. Wow. I am just reading your posts (Alumnus) and it’s amazing.
    Everybody came out from Atlas-Corps Fellowship Program with a plus. I hope that, I Will take part also.
    I’m really interested about Sexual and Reproductive Health with a focus on social behaviour change communication in humanitarian sector.

    And I want to ask a question : if I want to be a best fellow for Atlas-Corps Program, how should I engage myself with other people from diverse community?

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