A review of the most common challenges in the sector

A dynamic and competitive environment generates challenges for all the participating organizations. Nevertheless, non-governmental organizations face specific obstacles regarding its particular nature. Some of the most frequent challenges are the following:

  • Difficulties to get funds: The majority of NGOs have experienced difficulties in getting enough, and continuous funding in order to do their work. Getting donors is a hard task, and sometimes dealing with some specific donor’s funding conditions can be an enormous challenge for NGO’s. Additionally, most of the non-governmental organizations have a high level of dependency of donors’ funds, that makes them even more susceptible to donors’ behavior.
  • Lack of proper networking: For some NGOs is difficult to network. Having poor network with pairs can lead to lack of communication, if non-governmental organizations do not disclose what they are doing for a certain community, efforts could be duplicated, conflicts about the ways a certain problem should be faced in a region could arise, and they could be missing the opportunity to learn best practices from other NGOs.
  • Lack of governance: Many non-governmental organizations do not have a Board. One of the main reasons for that is the difficulty to attract board members without paying them or providing them some benefits. Having a Board is one of the best ways to achieve good levels of governance, nevertheless, there is a significant number of NGOs that does not have a good understanding of governance, and does not think governance is relevant for their organizations. Additionally, some non-governmental organizations mismanage their funds because they spend the money according to the NGOs’ owner directions, without adequate levels of accountancy and analysis.

Non-governmental organizations face multiple challenges, nevertheless, one of the most important steps to overcome these obstacles is identifying what are challenges that an organization is facing, and the areas where there is a room to improve, after identifying these key areas organizations can design a plan to improve, and hopefully overcome the obstacles they are facing.

4 thoughts on “Challenges faced by NGOs”

  1. Aggrey Mugisha Rushere says:

    Non-governmental organizations face multiple challenges especially at a networking level whereby most of the NGOS coalitions tend to be more superior than other NGOs and even Grabbing Coalitions Resources and Assets and uganda have been using/playing that game for so many years .There is need for donors to change their strategies so that NGOs at an individual level can be finance than financing Coalitions and networks and the resources ends in a single hands of groups who are hooligans.

  2. thanya says:

    Difficulties to get funds what is the solution for this???

  3. Priyam says:

    There are various ways to get funds. one of the solution that is recently coming up is Outcome-based funds. There are companies that help with connecting with donors and corporate donors like Artemis Impact.

  4. Joel kaweesi says:

    Yeah NGOs in Uganda are facing real difficulties in accessing funds from donors and also NGOs in Uganda have not yet done enough to win donor’s trust and confidence in them

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