These are exciting times at Atlas Corps! For the first time in its history, Atlas Corps is matching some of our Fellows with IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) members in San Francisco and New York to help address critical social issues in our local communities and increase the diverse perspectives within our Host Organizations, with talent coming from 21 different countries. This innovative partnership is unique because it combines our talents with those of IBM so that we can more effectively help American NGOs foster community, solve problems, and create lasting bonds of collaboration.

This year marks CSC’s 10 year anniversary and the first time they are bringing their global talent to American communities. Atlas Corps is honored to be part of this new model in helping American nonprofit organizations build sustainability and ensure that effective corporate best practices are brought to bear to enhance our communities. Over the past 10 years, the CSC has become a valuable tool in building leadership worldwide with a focus on skill training, mentorship, and building the next generation of leadership in the nonprofit communityvalues that are pillars to the Atlas Corps model and has espoused since our founding.

Atlas Corps Fellows, global professionals who dedicate at least 12 months of service in the United States, will serve alongside IBM CSC team members.  

In partnering with IBM’s global talent, we are committed to addressing key societal issues such as accessible healthcare, homelessness, economic empowerment for women and minorities, as well as education. Our partnership launched last week in San Francisco with these Host Organizations:

In October, we will launch a similar initiative in New York City. The Host Organizations will include:

To celebrate this dynamic partnership, Atlas Corps will honor IBM during our Fall Celebration on September 20. IBM will receive the Distinguished Partner in Global Service Award, which is given to a partner who is held in high regard for their contributions to Atlas Corps, their commitment to our Fellows, and their passion for global service. In addition to the Corporate Service Corps, IBM has hosted two Atlas Corps Fellows.

Over the next few months, you’ll hear the personal stories from our Fellows and Host Organizations. They will share the daily impact that can be achieved through mutual cooperation and partnership. Highlights will be posted on our media channels: and IBM CSC-Atlas Corps Partnership USA.