This month my Host Organization: Young Professionals in Foreign Policy was selected as the Host Organization of the month.
Here is a little bit of my experience in this incredible organization:

YPFP engages, builds, and amplifies NextGen voices to advance innovative solutions to global challenges.

My Role at YPFP
I’m an Executive Program Coordinator and work directly with the President and Chief of Staff of the Organization. I’m responsible for conducting financial and market research, assisting the Chief of Staff to maximize volunteer effectiveness, improving the organization’s HR system and helping manage organizational and program budgets. I work with Executive team to contribute to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies, and practices.  

My experience in the organization has been one of the best experiences that I have had. I have incredible co-workers and I learned so much from each of them. I have developed new technical skills in IT since I have been working with the website. I also learned to work with three full staff only, in a big organization like YPFP and managing all the staff volunteers around the world.

My experience with my supervisor. What has my supervisor taught me?
In general, I have had the opportunity to work with excellent management. I have always been able to effectively communicate with them and they would often acknowledge my hard work and dedication. I have learned so many things from them, being able to manage a team with so many people and with lack of financial support is incredible. I also learned a lot from my direct supervisor about how to diplomatically manage people, keep communication lines open between departments and how to advocate for the team.

How will you build upon the skills and knowledge gained during your Fellowship once you return to your home country? How will your experience in the United States help you pursue your goals in the future?
I am looking forward to sharing and applying all the skills and knowledge I have acquired to my organization and several other organizations I intend to work with when I return home.
I grew both from an organizational and a human standpoint. I put in practice most of what I have studied for five years, allowing me to understand what I can be good at and what I would like to do in my future career. This experience equipped me with many valuable skills, expanded my professional network and prepared me well for the world of work, being confident in what I want to pursue and believing that everything is possible.