As I am laying in my bed, with fever and a really painful bronchitis, I’m thinking, “wow, this sucks”, my throat is on fire, the coughing is non stop, my head is beating like a drum, I can’t breathe and the ache in my whole body is just getting worst. In all this uncomfortableness, I can’t help but feel really lucky. Yes, I am in pain, but I have room to feel this pain, I have meds, I have food, and a bed to keep me warm during these awful days.

I have never understood why some of us have this life, why while I am writing this, across the world, another young man, probably more talented and smart than I, is sitting on a refugee camp wondering when will he ever see his parents, siblings, children again. Or why, while some of you are reading this, there is a woman being raped constantly by evil men, and all she can think is when will this be over. I keep thinking and I still can’t find a sense in all of this.

How some of us are so sheltered in our privilege, that all we can do is complaining about the smallest things. But we don’t take into account how important is the fact that we get to wake up every day and do whatever we want, so much so, that most of us chose to leave our home and spend a whole year in a foreign country that,  whether we like it or not, has given us lots of joyful experiences. That opportunity is a privilege that millions of young men and women would kill to have, and matter fact, in this very moment, some of them are dying trying to access to it.

My parents taught me that there was no use in living a life that was no use to others. We are all so blessed, everyone in this fellowship, everyone that is lucky enough to be born with a chance, to do or to be whatever you want. Because we have the freedom to select the life we want to live, we have ways to be happy, tangible ways that are offered to us, it’s really just up to us. This is not the real world, or at least, this is a fantasy world for millions all over this planet.

Maybe is the fever, but I really don’t understand why am I so lucky, but I know something, I will do as my parents taught me, the way I have ever lived, giving my all to help everyone that seeks my help. Being kind, listening, loving everybody, because I had that chance to live like this.

Once again, sending love to whoever is reading this.