Why giphyWhile you are reading this, think of a tune, more like something from the sound of music, in your head, and then read on with that tune playing in your head. This is not plain text that you are reading here. This is a song that you are composing.

There were so many “whys” in my head, that, I thought I should share them, and see if you think why we should be doing or why we do what we do or are doing?

First of all, let me add a disclaimer to this post. Or maybe I’ll just add that at the end. So let’s just get down to business.

Everyone that I know, and the ones that they know, everywhere around the world, mostly, have lunch at around 1:00pm. Why lunch only at around 1:00pm? Why not way later or way earlier? Why do we have to do what people have been doing before us? Are we all just copies of those before us? Can we not do what others have not done before us?

Oh I don’t want my blog posts to follow the conventional blog posting methods, because I am pretty much unconventional, at least in my own head. You can expect me to start talking about anything in the middle of anything. Every next topic that I talk about will also be important.

Coming back to why we do what we are expected to do, and why not doing what we can be doing instead ! Do we do what we do, because it is easier to do it, compared to what we can be doing? We can be doing a lot of things in a lot of different ways. Why do we have to follow the beaten track? Why can we not go to work at night, and stay in bed during the day? Why do we not go to school at night, and why do we have to wake up early in the morning and get ready to do what we can do much better at night? 😀 (I’m sure many of you will agree with me on this one)

Why can we not do what they say we cannot do? Why must we not try what we may think we cannot do? Can we not do this or that? If you want to be, then just be. The limitations are only in your own head. You can do what you think you cannot do. You can be who you want to be. Why can you not be, and why can you not do what you actually can do but you think you cannot? Yes you can! Try it.

You can love the ones you think,

You cannot love.

You can help the ones you think,

you cannot help.

You can do the work that’s pending

and you think you cannot do it.

You can walk that extra mile,

and lose nothing as you walk.

You can do it.

© Sobia Nosheen (May 2nd, 2016)

Disclaimer: I can and I did, and while I was writing this post, nobody got hurt ! 😀 😛