We live in constant change, and at the same time, our fear of change is always there: why is it so intense?

We don’t like monotony: we fall into boredom when it occupies our life. And at the same time, change is scary. Another proof of human complexity!

In both cases, it is likely that you feel this fear so widespread: the fear of change!

But where does this fear come from? Here is what I believe:

We are allergic to uncertainty: any change is pretty much related to uncertainty and we are very uncomfortable with it. Our need for certainty is completely shaked: it can’t be completely filled during a period of change and if this need is our priority, then your fear is even greater.

We want to CONTROL everything: we have become true managers of our lives. We want to lock everything, manage everything, so that nothing comes up against our perfect plans. We don’t know how to let go which would be a heavy of weight during these changes.

We are afraid of losing: “we know what we lose, but we do not know what we find”! Have you ever heard this sentence? It represents exactly how we envision change. We imagine that “Change = lose” and that makes change even more difficult, and sometimes impossible. We sometimes prefer not to lose something that does not satisfy us completely, rather than risk getting what we really want. We forget to remember what we’re going to gain in this new reality.

How to overcome the fear of change?

What if we plan our change? That was the question that came to my mind when I had this thought, and this is how I found the solution:

  • Turn the page and think about the positive outcomes
  • Become the better version of yourself by adapting to the new environment
  • Make your own decisions and be your own captain
  • Push your limits and forget about your fear, it can’t be worst
  • Take actions and make the change your new routine
  • Embrace the results and look up for the next change