Remembering April 21st 2014 as the day I was honored to be a successful Fellow having completed the six month Atlas Corps Fellowship caught many fellows by surprise, as it came prematurely in the fourth month other than in the sixth month, but my big surprise was a graduation card, something I compared with examination success card in those days when I sat for my national primary and secondary exams.

Inspiring comments

Inspiring comments

But what made the different was that this card had many people signing on it, unlike those exams a success card which carries a solitary writer. I believe it’s wasn’t me who received this card alone, but  let me highlight what was on this it, , and what these great people have said about me and you in your cards ,if you have not paid attentions to them and I quote…

Congratulation Yach!  I’m proud to call you an Atlas Corps Fellow and know you’ll make a big difference back home. Stay in touch! ~Scot Beale

Yach, Keep up the amazing works, keep smiling, best of luck. ~ Nicole

Yach, were so proud of the great work you are doing to build the capacity of an emerging organization congratulation! ~Kelly

Congratulation, Yach! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, from the moment I met you at the airport. Great job building up a small organization plus keeping a positive attitude. We are so proud of you and know you’ll make a big difference back home, Good luck and keep in touch! ~Meredith

And among other comments………………………………………………………………………………….

Having read these comments many times, I felt honored to what each of them have observed and I concluded that building a successful fellowship is not about our daily duties we discharges at our host organizations, but having manifest the inner part of your social life and once these attributes are recognize in you, you become the conqueror of the odds that were never expected from you and astonishing impediments to any new life in such a period mission in this country.

Moreover, the primary progression of any profession came as a result of assurance from those who mentored you and as I took note of these benevolent send off, I see myself in a bigger lens and I am confident of this great community call Atlas Corps, that I will be leaving a visible foot-print full of fame where the end-result is building a better world for all of us by changing our perspectives.