“Travel is the only things that makes you richer”. One of my favourite quotes! It holds so much truth and meaning too it. While we all get busy in finding the next best job, or scholarships, we forget to slow down and take some time off, travel, and experience the richness that comes from travelling.

  • You invest In yourself: Whether it is the exposure and knowledge that comes from learning other cultures, landscapes, and experiencing different food.
  • You develop some life-long friendships: All of us in the Atlas Corps Fellowship can relate to this one because we get to know some amazing people during our fellowship here, share one year of our life with them, go through the same experiences and challenges, and develop a connection that goes far beyond this fellowship.
  • You learn to live outside your comfort zone: Whether we decide to go camping in the mountains, or to the field as a humanitarian worker, travelling comes with us leaving the things and lifestyle we are used to behind and adjusting in new settings. Some of the world’s most beautiful places might not offer the most comfortable rooms, 24 hour electricity, and mobile connections but you get to experience amazing views, nature, and peace of mind in return of pushing yourself to the limit.
  • You learn financial management: This is especially true if you are traveling on a tight budget. The passion of travelling teaches you how to have a good time with less in your wallet.

This reminds me of our trip to Shenandoah Valley in the US last year; a random camping trip with some of the fellows from my class (21).  It was great and certainly one of the highlights of this fellowship.