Lately, I had an experience of visiting a school as a part of my Training. I have an interesting training program which has involved me visiting different school and community centers. Although, the purpose of the visits are totally different but what am I learning due to these visits are exceptional.  My training goals will be meet their requirements but at the same time I am gaining more knowledge especially while asking questions from Younger Youth.

I would like to share my experience that recently I have visited a school which was offering a summer program for their students. I had a long discussion with the program coordinator about the program, it was basically an After-School program for kids. The purpose of the program was to expose kids about different opportunities through which I have noticed that the impact of the program was so good with an amazing outcomes.

After meeting with the Coordinator, we have proceeded our visit of the school. First, We have entered the Gymnasium where kids were playing then we went to the art room, a cute little girl was drawing a painting. The program coordinator asked the little girl to explain what this painting is all about. I was scandalized by the response of a 9 years old girl, it was started by saying this the Police Car in the painting is because Junior (a 15 years old child murdered in Gang violence) wanted to become a Police Detective. The statement took my attention and I felt like I should ask something more the painting, I kept asking questions about the painting and she gave me every answer full of deep emotional insight and linked with her life events.

I have never thought about such a feedback from a nine years old girl, I was astonished. Initially I thought why she is so deep at the age of 9, it is too young to be deep and serious, then I realized that It could be the temperament because it plays a significant role. Then, I got to know about the life events she has faced. Deep feelers are linked through the first hand and primary experience of their life, this has an impact which has made her this way.

In a nutshell, there is nothing wrong to be a deep thinker or being emotional but don’t get overwhelmed. There are several attributes of deep and emotional people; they are highly sensitive, imaginative, problem solver, introvert, observant, curious, planners, independent etc.  It is good to be emotional and deep but I was shocked to meet her because I haven’t met any child before with the same thoughts.!!