Changing the world is such a noble mission. But why ? and how ?

I don’t know much but the worlds needs to be changed because there are many social issues and human lives are being wasted in vain.

It’s important to convince yourself that it’s not the world that needs to change. It’s you. The world is not an entity we change. It is composed of humans so partly of you. To change the world, one must accept to change oneself. You must be what you want others to be. If you have hate, rage against the world, it is you who must change. If you want to create a world of love then you must love the world. If you want peace, you must be at peace with the world. Does your work, activities, expenses, and lifestyle reflect your values? Do they bring you peace? Do not you spend too much energy on your enemies, struggles and hatreds?

You always have the choice. You are the only one in control of your life and millions of choices are available to you. How many horrors in the world exist because humans can convince themselves that they have no choice? Get out of this straitjacket and accept the truth in the face. Yes, you have the choice. But the choice is sometimes painful, uncomfortable. If your actions do not reflect your beliefs, if your activities are not in sync with your values, you are unconsciously thinking that you do not have a choice. When was your last risky decision, your last real choice? Any choice is good and acceptable from the moment it is conscious and you accept the consequences.