I recently met Maysoon Zayid while attending the Nexus Global Youth Summit 2014 as a part of the Atlas Corps delegation. It was only last year when I was watching this brilliant TED talk by this graceful, witty and courageous Arab-American woman who has made beyond the 99 problems in her life and Cerebral Palsy. Maysoon is a writer, actor, comedian, co-founder of the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival. Her father’s mantra was “You can do it! You Cancan”. She says “if a wheelchair user cannot play Beyoncé then Beyoncé can’t play a wheelchair user”. She is muslim, a woman with celebral palsy, fantastically humorous and from New Jersey. For a lot of ‘special’ people with any kind of disability, internet can be really awful. Maysoon made this challenge her strength. If ‪#‎MaysoonZayid‬ cancan YOU cancan.

Nexus Collage KD

If you are thinking that how is all this connected with the law of attraction for me? Last year after watching Maysoon speak on TED Women, I was not only drawn to laughing literally to tears but I also thought for a second about learning how she made it here despite all the challenges. This was just a fleeting thought I threw in the universe and forgot about it. I didn’t realise that the phrase “every action or thought has an equal and opposite reaction” which can be so true. Not only did I get a chance to meet Maysoon but I connected with many more brilliant change-makers whom I couldn’t think of connecting with under one roof. I am so sure by now that the ‘Law of Attraction’ does work in our lives. It is a very strong factor that gets us closer to be where we want to be, do what we want to do and persevere to have all what we’ve always wanted to.

Just like Maysoon’s story, we all have our a-ha and down moments and I believe that we create the kind of life we lead, our thoughts have the power to influence the environment around us. Our thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions and actions lead to reactions. At the Nexus Global Youth Summit 2014, various leaders spoke about how they created an idea to change lives and create opportunities. They were constantly thinking and working towards the idea till the ideas started to change lives. There were some exceptional stories shared by social entrepreneurs, leaders and investors which made me come closer to spark an idea more concretely than I’d ever imagined. It is said that if you really want to do something, do it with all your heart and the heart will never fail you no matter what comes your way.This is how the law of attraction works. It brings you closer to what you dream, what you think and what you want to do. You ought to feel confident about yourself, feel like sunshine, reflect positive vibes without feeling hesitant, keep moving and leading with courage. This is how I became a part of Nexus.

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