Since winter came to DC, around the month of November, I have been getting shocks from anything I touch, the door knob, the heater, the metallic window frame, the pins of my phone charger plug; it has been dreary and annoying, and I thought that something was wrong with me, or the house has some grounding problems, until today when I learned that two fellows are having the same problem and maybe other people too I didn’t know about.
And since I know electricity, I wanted to assure fellows and people who have experienced this, that this is not a cosmic revenge or the end of world sign but a natural physical phenomenon called: static electricity.
There is one form of the human body always neglected and unspoken of, which is “the body electric”.
For centuries, in the east, the belief of energy medicine was fundamental to heal and restore balance to the body, but in the west, the ascension from considering this form of medicine as witchcraft to slowly embracing it took longer than admitting the biomedical form of the human body as the only form, known, seen, felt, accessible and scientifically valid.
Our nervous system is an electric maze of connections, nods, electrons, movement, our body uses electricity to perform our basic and most complicated biological functions. Simply those electrons you have are your elixir of life! Love your electrons!.
The earth energy has a direct influence on our health, and there is a syndrome for that called “Electron deficiency syndrome”, which simply means that if your body is deficient of electrons you are more exposed to diseases and rampant viruses than you can imagine, your body needs those electrons to combat inflammation and diseases like cancer, arthritis, and many other illnesses ranging from mild to severe.

So if you carry electrons and electric charge, why can’t you shock yourself?
Your body carries the same charge from head to toe and electric shock is created when two bodies, conductive of electricity carrying opposite charges, touch or separate, then you will see that brimming light of an electric spark, which, is not the light from the other life;
When living above Earth, your charge is positive; when connected to the Earth, your charge is negative – in other words, you become an opposite charge. When you are positively charged the electric fields will attract to you to create a surface charge, a voltage and when your charge reaches 3,000 to 5,000 volts and you touch a metal object, bOOM… you see that spark again.
Proximity is the solution, the closest you are to Earth the safer you are and the better you feel; when you are grounded your charges are balanced, in other words the electrons will flow from earth to your body until your voltage reaches Zero.
Haven’t you ever wondered why you feel very good after you walk barefoot? you have your answer now.
Another important note, the higher you live in a multistory building, the more charge build up you will accumulate (300 Volts per meter).
So think again about that apartment on the 25th floor with the great view that you liked, that if you want to sacrifice your health for a view on the river.
Being away from the ground will increase the stress on your immune system, and it will expose you to other electric fields from antennas, cellular stations and transmission wires.
Also, mother earth is a great blood thinner, when you are grounded your red blood cells will have the same charge and repel each-other, this action causes your blood to flow more easily and your blood pressure to drop.
When you are not grounded, your blood cells tend to clump together.

Okay! All of this is amazing but why I experience it during winter more?
You remember when we talked about that amazing apartment on the 25th floor? Chances are your apartment is carpeted and your carpet has nylon fibers; Well the floor might look nice but your carpet is actually making it worse, dry materials draw electrons like magnets which creates a charge imbalance and with the dry air during winter that shock is inevitable as dry air is a poor conductor of electricity.

But how can I remedy this?
You simply must throw away your shoes, go and live in a cave and sleep on the floor to become one with earth, a zero-potential happy individual.
No, of course not, here are some simple ways to reduce the effect of static electricity (especially during winter):
1- In the house,
• Use a humidifier, humid air is a great conductor of electricity and these static charges will dissipate in the air rather than building up on your skin, you can simply boil water on the stove and add some essential oils for the ultimate olfactory experience.
• Use anti-static chemical on your carpets, you can simply mix 1 cup of fabric softener in a spray bottle filled with water and spray your carpet, let it dry and then walk on it.
2- Your body,
• Keep your body moisturized, it is time to use that body lotion you are keeping for the dry season.
• Try your best to wear natural fibers like cotton instead of nylon or synthetic materials.
• Keep something metal on you, a coin, a key chain and try to touch the metallic surface with that item before your touch it with your skin
3- Laundry,
• Add a moist cloth in the dryer with your clothes before the dryer cycle ends
• Use dryer sheets in the dryer
• Add vinegar to the rinsing cycle

Be safe everyone! Electricity is dangerous!