The way we summer people from relatively warmer regions of the world feel during a -17 degrees Celcius of cold, is definitely like someone from a colder region of the world feeling during 113 degrees of Fahrenheit of summers in my hometown. Yes, it can go higher than that and we go through it every year. No wonder why it’s hard for us to survive 1.4 degrees of Fahrenheit; very very hard.


The weather we have in my hometown right now, is our winters, and that is a DC summer going on over there. During the day, the temperature reaches up to about a 22-23 C.

In Peshawar, we hardly prepare for winters. We hardly wear warm clothes in winters. I know I don’t. I use a heater, till my room temperature is around 82 Degrees F, which is normal for me. Here in DC, after going through a -17 or less degrees C, I have finally started to see a -2 C and a 0 degrees C to be warmer. It makes me happy when the temperature rises a bit. I walked out of my apartment like a king today, knowing it was 8 C in the morning.


So far, I’m relying on the weather channels for predicting that there will be no more snowfall in the next two months, and I’m counting on that forecast. Help me God ! Please no more snow for the next two months. Thank you in advance. I know you love me.

Though the falling snow feels like heaven, yet the roads and sidewalks remain blocked for days and you still have to go about doing whatever work you’re supposed to be doing even if the sidewalks and the roads are blocked. The feeling you get when cars splash that mud-like grey snow on your clothes as you try hard to make your way through the snow laden sidewalks is that of you walking on the mud roads of some village after a heavy rain.

One thing which I learned from this whole snow episode here in DC is, that the way people paint that picture of it in your head, is all false. Don’t ever let anyone paint a bad picture of anything in your head. Fear is a bad thing. I survived the snowzilla. I was out in the blizzard and having fun, shoveling snow and helping my neighbors. It was not easy but it was fun. I loved it. It did not even feel cold. It felt great.