It has been 4 weeks since I landed in DC. Within these four weeks I’ve been through many new experiences, feelings and thoughts, I’ve even been through a cultural shock.

But let’s tackle each aspect in a different post. I wish I could write the whole day long, I promised to myself to do write each moment no matter if it’s shocking to others or not, I must say that I am still not comfortable being exposed to public opinion yet, yes I still care about what people think of me especially when it comes to speak up about sensitive topics where not giving an opinion would be as judged as giving one.

Washington DC, I’ve never thought of you as a place to visit and now I am here. You are such a powerful city from the outside, but from the inside you’re as big as a neighbourhood and as quiet as a village.
I still don’t know how to love you yet, but I am learning and I am sure I will succeed. Usually I do prefer cities with which I fall in love from first sight, like what happened to me with Istanbul, but with you I think I will just have to learn.  With Istanbul it was effortless but with you I will have to work a bit more on our relationship, which I guess it matches exactly how at my age the way human relationships are supposed to work.

4 weeks already and I am all excited about everything, I met many people from the fellowship and from my host organization. It feels a bit strange to go back to an office setting, I think this will definitely be challenging for an entrepreneurial spirit who enjoys action and moving.

Let’s see what this new experience will bring. I am buying it all the bad, the ugly and the good.


Safa H.