As we continue with the theme of life resolutions, I want to talk about 10 people I know (as in, have their phone numbers, emails, have lived with them, or spoken to them several times) who continue to inspire me. They might not know they do, but as I observe them and the conversations we have or had, it has definitely guided me towards different directions in life and shaped how I approach certain situations. I take inspiration in every single individual I come across. All my family and close friends inspire me in their individual ways but, I have noticed something from these 10 people that keeps me motivated and inspired.
Thanks you very much, and I am not going to mention names here but I already sent them a thank you letter. If you receive any letter from me during this month that means you are one of them and am adding now a BIG HUG for you all..
Therefore, If you have 10 people or more you know who inspire you, feel free to write them a thank you letter, a blog post, or anything, just so they are aware.