The music has a lot of power on our balance. It all started since the beginning, we hear the music in the sound of our voice, the wind, the movement, every tangible and intangible piece has the capability to produce music. It can affect us in many ways: it gives us the joys and happiness, but it can also reflect our past and memories. It can also transform us, make us travel in time and make the impossible possible.The music is a total different language, you don’t need to understand the lyrics to feel it.

  • Music can create a mood and make you feel emotion:

Listening to music or singing takes us on an extended journey. It is the strength of a festive atmosphere and allows us to entertain ourselves. The best way to express feelings, anger, love, joy and other kinds of feelings is simply through music. I’m sure you can remember a moment when a song made you particularly sad or very excited and happy. Nobody really knows why or where it comes from, but many studies have shown that there is an agreement whose emotions relate to certain types of music.

  • Music is the key to creativity:

Music fuels our creativity. A creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create innovations. It requires the use of the brain, which not only exerts creativity, but also plays an important intellectual role. The strength of all arts, including writing, painting, dance and theater have the ability to create a similar effect.

  • Music makes education more enjoyable:

Music can be very engaging in the classroom and is a great tool for memorizing. The children would be able to keep their lesson much faster thanks to the music. When you learn a musical instrument on a regular basis, you work on concrete ideas and take small steps to achieve greater goals. This way of thinking organizes the wiring in our brain to start looking at learning in a new light.

I think music is a universal language where everyone from any country and any condition of life can understand each other. No barrier through music, a universal connection. A gigantic mix.

Music is of course an art and like any form of art it is good for the soul. It touches in a simple way, gives sensations, vibrations, and emotions which are limitless … Thanks to the music, one can escape, get fresh ideas, and forget …

“L’information n’est pas la connaissance. La connaissance n’est pas la sagesse. La sagesse n’est pas la vérité. La vérité n’est pas la beauté. La beauté n’est pas l’amour. L’amour n’est pas la musique. La musique est la meilleure des choses.”

Packard Goose, Joe’s Garage (1979)


“Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty, beauty is not love. Love is not music, music is the best thing. ”

Packard Goose, Joe’s Garage (1979)