Earlier, I considered myself fat. I tried to go through many workouts. However, most workouts led to the same results. Still fat. Trying different kinds of workouts but nothing changed.

Personal Trainer seemed a game changer. Loaded with hopes, it turned to be better. Shaping muscles and getting tuned somehow satisfied me indeed. However, after a long period of time, I felt bored as no more enhancements. But nowadays I found out a way to change that dramatically.

Sorry. I am not speaking about physical fitness. Hold tight I am going to explain. 

I refer to workouts as my career, different kinds of workouts for career progression, and personal trainer for changing companies. The time I got a job, I was excited to learn and gain experience. I tried to enhance my abilities and that worked out. Fast pace promotions to senior ranks in short time periods were motivating. However, the feel of being fat took over. I still stuck in the same tight corporate dress – same concepts and thoughts for more than 5 years with no innovation. The curve of learning started to drop.

Changing companies as a way out seemed like fireworks, catching the eye but they fade in no time. My brain was getting fatter. Quitting corporate life after 10 years was a relief. I felt I am getting slimmer as I made a change, especially I worked in entrepreneurship and academic tracks. Those changes were my footprints where students and mates remembered along the past 5 years. However, I can’t go slimmer. The new environment couldn’t accommodate more ideas and I am draining out of thoughts with no charging.

Coming to the states, I felt somehow the same till I moved to my new building in front of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania – Ranked first in the United States for business schools. My building is full of UPenn master and Ph.D. students. Those guys are life changers. 

This is Dr. Strange Movie. Every time you meet those guys, your brain legs start to move after ancient times of being standing still. Entrepreneurship is in their bloodstream. Challenging concepts and creating ventures are their alphabets. Pitching in front of billionaires is doable. Solving problems from different new perspectives is a habit. A friend of mine who received a full scholarship from Harvard and currently studies at UPenn, she is challenging the norms of education. Even while I am eating at the lounge, I found a beautiful girl from Upenn Law approaching with a smile saying Hi and the conversation ended to know that she is making the first research in the world in specific areas of bitcoin. 

What I try to say, try to engage yourselves with universities around you. Build friendships with students, you will definitely feel different and slim. Such changes would lead to better performance and good standing future. That is in case you decided to leave secured jobs at corporates and go for your own venture.

See you later!