By Lara Palmisano.


The sixth annual Social Good Summit will take place on September 27 and 28 at 92ndStreet Y in New York with a week of related activities around the globe, such as meet-ups hosted locally by members of the social good community, and signature events supported by Social Good Summit partners.

It is a unique convening of world leaders, new media and technology experts, grassroots activists and voices from around the world, coinciding with United Nations Week.

Last year’s Summit drew 1,600 attendees in New York (among those, there were more than 700 journalists and bloggers), 90,000 Livestream visitors online and 75 meetups around the world inspired by the 2014 Summit and the hashtag #2030NOW was used more than 1.6 billion times!

Here some basic information provided by the United Nations Foundation:
What is the Social Good Summit?
The Social Good Summit unites world leaders, tech experts, and entrepreneurs to explore how emerging social innovations and technologies can make Earth a better place to live by 2030. Each year, the Summit attracts a worldwide audience wanting to be a part of the solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.
What are the themes of this year’s summit?
Highlighting innovations in technology, development, and sustainability with a focus on the new global goals, to be established by world leaders days before the Summit. The Sustainable Development Goals will aim to end extreme poverty, improve health and wellbeing and protect our planet by 2030. They will build upon the progress of the Millennium Development Goals and for the first time, technology, digital media, and entrepreneurship are at the heart of achieving these goals.
Who is in the audience?
The Summit is for everyone. It is the only place during UN Week where anyone, from anywhere can join the conversation, debate the solutions, propose new ideas and collaborate for a better future.

It is important to participate in this kind of event. The goal of the Social Good Summit is to empower people everywhere to have their voices heard, and this is a crucial year to speak up.

The 2015 is a huge opportunity for the global community because leaders are working on a new climate change agreement and a new set of global goals to follow the Millennium Development Goals, which set a target for the end of 2015.

Have your voice heard. Participate in the global discussion.

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