It has been almost nine months since I started this journey of becoming an Atlas Corps fellow, and eight that I arrived to Detroit. Since then, I have had lot of chances to reflect on personal, profesional and social issues, to share with my fellow fellows, to learn from the city that choose me, from the people I live my daily life with, to see Mexico at the distance and the closeness too, and to get inspiration from all of this.

One thought that has been with me since the beginning, continuously, is how to maintain passion, inspiration and willpower in this path, that usually has ups and downs, and offer us an opportunity to grow in so many ways. As a reminder for myself, as soon as I arrived I started to draw notes and learnings in something I called “My blue card”. Then I place them in visible parts of my room so I can take a look, remember my inner strengthness in those downs, be patient and think about how to move forward. And I feel like sharing a few of them:

  • I just can take decisions with the information I have right now
  • If I accept to be different, I will be able to find other perspectives and propose different solutions
  • How do I manage discomfort?
  • The world is more complex than we imagine
  • The plan is just the starting motor
  • Look for the 5 why´s in order to find the causes
  • Asume that imperfection and vulnerabilities make us unique
  • Remember the pathway that brought me here!

As an invitation, I would love to read about some other wise phrases that you tell yourself!