Nathalie Molina Niño, CEO at SELF MADE, Candice Meth Partner at EisnerAmper, Laura Kunkemueller, ESG Officer at the Boston Company and Vince Cirianni, Financial Specialist at The Preferred Client Group.

As a room ambassador at the 2016 Nexus Global Youth Summit, I had the honor to present a session called “Relationships and networks can be resources for life”.

In this opportunity the speakers held an intimate conversation with the audience on how networks are a key form of social capital for achieving goals in both professional and personal lives.

During the session I was able to reassure one of  the biggest learnings from my fellowship at wonderful Mozilla… yes they created Firefox, yes they are awesome engineers, coders, developers… but what has made the Mozilla Project strong is the people. The network of human beings behind:

“Mozilla pulls together the people who want exceptional technology and the freedoms of the Web combined. We want this with our devices, our data, our identity, and our privacy and security. And — together — we are building this, as we did before. It’s a huge and important challenge. I hope you will join us.”     Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman of Mozilla Foundation

It is true. You can have the most advanced technology, the greatest invention, the latest revelation in science, but only when you establish solid and long lasting connections with the right people, when you have a strong network behind to support you and fuel your project from the inside, the you can start talking about true impact and success.