Maxwell Loughan, Founder/CEO Loughan Labs LLC (this guy is the shitznitz!)

It’s a cliche that most cliches are true. But nothing is cliche when it’s happening to you.That’s why am I up at 4:53 am telling someone else’s story.

Talking about stuff I’ve got no pictures of – knowing “pictures speak a thousand words.” Well, yesterday, I was privileged to be with some of the most awesome young people on the planet at the Nexus Global Youth Summit​ reception, representing Atlas Corps​ (and Restless Development USA​). But my phone decided to pack up. However, I must share stories of audacity and innovation that SHALL change the world.

From teen prodigies Bisman Deu to Maxwell Loughan (you must ask google about these two – the first, a young Indian girl that started 3 companies and consults for UNICEF​ and a host of global organisations solving society’s toughest problems. The other, well, let’s say Einstein is 13, again!). There was also the ridiculously composed Komal Ahmad​ of COPIA​, who’s solving the world’s dumbest problem (Hunger) by redistributing surplus food to the neediest, Clementina Vargas, Founder #ViveBailando…changing perspectives and channeling positive energies of young people with dance, the awesome Laurence Marshbaum, Co-founder of 10×10 Philanthropy​, the bravest lady I’ve ever met (she crossed Gobi desert, Mongolia​ on foot, at 15!), Yeonmi Park​ whose fight for the freedom of the people in North Korea we will continue to echo. Indeed, it was a night of inspiration, but most importantly I felt secure in the aspiration of these lot – I mean, if the keys to the future are in their hands, the world can pretty much kick back and relax!

To paraphrase an excerpt from a speech delivered by former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan​, “without security there will be no development; without development, there will be no security; and there will neither of both without respect for human rights and dignity.” We all crave a better world. A secure world; with guaranteed rights for everyone and development for the poorest of the poor. I daresay with the aspirations and innovation of young people at the Nexus Global Youth Summit, that world, that utopia, is NOT impossible!

It is possible. It is possible because young people can change the world. it is possible because there is increasing evidence of the efficacy of young people to lead and deliver change globally. And as Bisman reminded us, “when the wind of change blows, some build walls while others build wind vanes.” These lot are building the windsmills that will bring us to the future we desire, and I’ve got their backs!

#WeAreNexus #AtlasCorps10 #AtlasCorpsRepresent #WeAreRestless


P.S. At the point of writing this, I didn’t have a single picture! I just cropped one from Twitter. Don’t need to credit – Nexus has got my back!