Feminism: is it really the radical notion that women are…people!?

Are you a feminist?
Can we really truly and unconditionally accept what is different? Can we genuinely   embrace those of different beliefs, sexual orientation, skin tone, clothing preference?
If we want more profits to our investments, shall we invest in young females who not only will give back but infuse philanthropy as a basic concept in the next generation? Or is that too dreamy?
Why did we-humans, dominate earth? We’re not the strongest! we are clever, but is that really what got us here? Or was it our unique ability to cooperate? Are our herd organizational skills much better than any other species?
Can we develop without consciously making an effort to acknowledge and accept the impact of the multiple dimensions that make us who we are?
What  makes us who we  really are? Genetics, religion, discipline, experience, or exposure?

Just some food for thought!