fasting is about gaining a deeper awareness and mindfulness of one’s self and, in turn, the world in which one is situated. From the outside it might seem like it’s about deprivation of food and drink. But by shifting focus away from a simple satiation of my stomach and looking more towards the satisfaction of my soul, I realize that are many different ways that I can nourish myself and many different parts of me that need to be nourished that I often times neglect, my heart being a primary amongst those….’ – Imam Khalid Latif

This will be my first time to observe Ramadhan away from home. I’ve heard tales of the long summer days and short nights during this period. I anticipate loneliness, especially during iftar’ (when breaking one’s fast), but the beauty is that it is a month of reflection and spiritual cleansing. I will use my time away from family and old friends to reflect and study more about my Islamic faith, meet and interact with muslims from different races and cultures across the world, including some fellows.

To all muslims out there, Ramadhan Mubarak!