24th Oct 2013, Was a changing point in my life. My first son was born, and I decided to go on a new journey.

I was working as program coordinator in Mercy Corps from 2010 to 2011 and then as a program officer for the same organization from 2011 to 2013, those 3 years everything was great in a financial perspective, but it never been great from my ambitious perspective. So on that date, I decided to leave the NGOs sector once and forever and start my own dream and change the world in my way.

Nov 2013 My friend and I founded a company called “Datrios” was a social network for sports fans where they can predict the matches result, win points and compete with each other. It was a hit and we got a lot of traffic and users.

We joined GSG the first startups’ accelerator in Gaza. and After only 3 months of bootstrapping with them, we succeeded to close an investment round and we were the first Gazan startup ever to have an external investment. Our investors were from Oasis500 in Jordan.

After a long time of struggling, I made it go out Gaza to complete the company investment and legal process. In March 2014 I made it to Amman and after a week we were owning formally registered company in Jordan with a running business bank accounts.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well with the investors because of vision mismatch between us, and also my team was suffering from some internal issues. So, everything was falling down at the same time. I decided to shut down everything and go back home. However, I made a promise to myself that I will start this all over again because I always believed in the Idea.

Aug 2014, and directly after the Gaza last war I decided to take a break from everything related to technology or anything I did before in my life and start something new, so I opened a Chicken Farm. in our home back farm we have 2 big rooms for storage, I started to change them to work as a chicken farm, I bought heaters, feeders, led lights, water sources, and built an environment for my new chicks ?.

The two rooms at the end of the farm

I started with 250 chicks as a pilot phase, in this phase I was trying to learn as much as I can about this industry, I went to old people experts and asked them about everything. I worked solo for this farm, I was waking up at 5 am every single morning to start working, cleaning, changing the feeders, adding the medicine to the water and calling the chicken stores trying to sell them out. Every round was about 40 days process from the day I bring the chicks to the day I sell them to the stores. I the business grow to have 750 chicks in each round.

December 2014, I received an offer to join a Saudi Arabian company to work on one of the ideas they have as the Product Manager, I thought about seriously so now I had a good break time away from my main career and I should go back.

The team when I arrived

January 1st, 2015, was my first day at work, yes Saudis don’t take this day as a holiday. The team was only 8 people, and we all worked very hard and by January 2017 we were having a team of more than 30 members.

The team in 2017, celebrating our first Investment round of 5 Million Saudi Riyals

I am still a product manager with the company until now for a product named “Nana” = Mint, which is a mobile app for delivering groceries to doorsteps in Saudi Arabia.

Nana Office

During all the action was happening with Nana I didn’t forget about my old “Datrios”, and I established a partnership with a Kuwaiti company called “Gamified Labs” and start my new sports fan platform and called it “El Goal” it stills under development and will be launched before the world cub.

Elgoal Office in Gaza

May 2017 I received the offer from Atlas Corps and decided to start a new journey and come to meet all of the great fellows from all over the world and to work in the US market and learn more.