We often ask ourselves why would international nonprofit organizations take the job of responding to international disasters on their hand. In fact, they race and compete to raise money after disasters but what does that means for those affected communities?

Many scandals has happened and continues to happen with each time a disaster strikes of big organizations soliciting funding to respond to certain disasters and never meets donors or disaster survivors needs.

This has become an increasingly worrying fact when of these big organizations decide to operate in disaster torn locations, establish their offices, hire staff and rent houses for them, invade local markets with international products. All of this create an extra burden for local suppliers and communities as prices goes higher making it difficult to survive. In some countries, locals would have to move leaving their homes where grow up and everything they know to relocate to more affordable neighbourhoods.

Another aspect of how these nonprofit organizations affect these communities is once a disaster with a big magnitude happens, and they bring their people to respond to the disaster in most cases they don’t leave by engaging in recovery and rehabilitation programs that sometimes takes years. This goes on until the next big disaster happen and they see an oppurtunity somewhere else and leave.

The international community should be more mindful of the money given to relief organizations after a disaster is over and should held those players accountable for the work they do or don’t.