Very recently I came a cross a powerful, kind and successful woman who’s in her mid 40s. She shared her life story and the struggles she went through, personally and professionally and how she overcame these obstacles.

I was going through my own struggle and doubts on a the path I choose to take recently and never thought a 30min session with this beautiful human being will get me right back on track and will give me the motivation to chase my dreams and aspire for excellence.

I have some of lessons learned from her experience, one is the main factor for success is always hard work or as she puts in her own words “rolling up my sleeves” and never stop doing that. Second, failure is inevitable. What matters is not to let anything pull you down, give yourself sometime to deal with it then get back on your feet and carry on. She calls it “24hours rule” and that’s about it. Life goes on. It require strengths and learning how to adapt to change whether it’s positive or negative.

I’m fortunate to have met such a beautiful person who touched my soul and helped me set my eyes on my goals again.