What do people look for when we are job hunting? Why do people constantly hop from one organization to another, year in year out? Is salary the only motivation one looks for when deciding where to work? Why do some people seem to have more job satisfaction than others in the same positions? I could go on and on asking these seemingly human resources related questions, but if I did, the list would be endless.
From my own personal experience and observation, the perfect work place does not exist. Having this opportunity to serve at an organization in the United States of America has made me realize that worldwide, human resource, will face similar dynamics in the work place and will mostly likely ask the similar questions as above and tend to generally display similar behaviors in pursuit for that “perfect job” which realistically speaking does not exist.
My philosophy to being satisfied in the work place is to dissect each challenge to the core and trying to find best ways to overcome it and make the work place more suited to our needs, ambitions, talents and engergy. Making the work place ideal is also identifying all the things- small and big that make that particular work place unique and appreciating them. As commonly said, gratitude is the frequency of abundance. Most importantly, one has to align their personal values, ambitions, and talents with that of the organization and the need to have a livelihood. This said, complexities in the work place will need to be approached with open minds and hearts in the pursuits of livelihoods.