NEXUS is a global movement to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. Since its foundation in 2011, NEXUS has hosted more than 20 summits around the world bringing together innovators, grassroots changemakers, social entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals to engage in a unique dialog and exchange of ideas that otherwise they wouldn’t have a platform for. This July thanks to I had a chance to participate in the NEXUS Global summit and have the experience I’ll never forget.

So, what makes NEXUS so unique?

  •  At NEXUS you can’t pitch and seek funding which creates an inspiring atmosphere of sincere conversations and exchange of knowledge.
  • It’s a whole new level of networking. No small talk. NEXUS participants are full of enthusiasm to engage in meaningful conversations in hallways, breakout sessions, over dinner, over drinks, literally using every opportunity provided by the Summit.
  • The second day’s program takes part at the U.N. headquarters in New York – a perfect way to bring innovation to one of the most respected and trusted institutions in the world. But even those ones need to be exposed to new ideas.
  • People, people and once again people of NEXUS. The number of conversations I followed up on within a couple of days after the Summit was higher than after any other conference I’ve ever been part of.
  • If you are passionate about a social cause no matter how specific and particular it is there is a very high chance you’ll find a like-minded individual at NEXUS. Or at least someone who will be very interested to learn more about what you are passionate about.
  • Working groups! You can engage in working groups around a specific topic you are passionate about even after the Summit is over.
  • Every plenary session is an opportunity to be awed by a speaker or a topic.
  • Nexus people party as passionately as they care about social change.
  • And … we are all in this together. The community spirit of the Summit is something that will always stay in my memory.