Spending seven months in U.S.A was great and rich experience for me and it has helped me to grow up both personally and to less extent professionally. Since I returned home I didn’t notice any significant changes and unfortunately the situation here is getting worse economically. However, despite of the hot weather and the electricity supply is not stable – sometime we have to stay for 8 hours without electricity, public transportations are not available – you have to fight for your seat, I still love my country very much, because, simply I feel that I belong to this place I know everybody in my neighborhood and I know all streets and above all, I feel my contributions to this county will be much appreciated.

Sudan as other countries in the third world has been badly sick of corruption diseases which mean in other words lack of good governance.  If our resources are spent as they are planned, and if Sudanese become dedicated to their work and committed to developing their country, I think the current picture of Sudan as a poor country will be completely shifted. The formula is quiet simple; all we need is good governance accompanied with commitment and clear vision and before that of course we need peace; I know the formula on paper looks nice but the application of the formula on the ground is very complicated, it is a long way to walk, however, somebody has to start this process and hopefully the next generation will be able to complete it.

Sudan now is suffering from brain drain as well, and unluckily, people start to be more individualistic as everyone is thinking to secure a decent life for his/her own family by travelling abroad which is good but it will be much better if we stay in our country and start thinking collectively about how we can make Sudan a better place for everyone.

I know the current situation and environment are not conducive to do so, but who will lead the change if everyone who is qualified and competed is leaving this country?  This country is not owned by the ruling party – it belongs to all of us and it is our responsibility to take care of it, we need to differentiate clearly between the ruling party and our country because as matter of fact, this ruling party or any other political parties will never be able to rule this country forever.

Being in U.S.A has helped me to see my country from different angles and it has brought to my attention things that I was not aware of, as result of that now I love my country more and I hope one day my country Sudan will be brought to the right track by Sudanese people.

I am very happy now in my country enjoying my time with my small/extend family and close friends but I will never forget my time in U.SA, house mates (Warderism group) and my fellow fellows as they were true friends.