my grandmother most beloved "child"

“I’m not going to cook”, that was my mother usual answer when I asked what we will have for dinner. At that time, being a teenager, I wondered why I couldn’t have a mom like my friends, one that enjoys cooking, always has something tasty for dinner, the fridge full, the house clean and the dog walked.

How fool I was. My mom never cooked because she didn’t want to do it. Period. And today I appreciate that she never gave up with that. Who came up with the idea of women in the house and men at work? What’s that? Who dares to say that my mom and hundred of thousands of women like she are wrong? Who dares to impose roles, behaviors or attitudes on other human being?

“I’m going to study law”, that was my grandmother resolution back on the early 30’s. While her friends stayed at home waiting for their hard working husbands she felt in love with Cicero, Aristotle and Kant.

I’m not saying that these two women were the most progressive, feminist or modern women of their time. I’m not saying they are an example of the values of the Liberal Western Democracy, the French Revolution or the Enlightenment. They were, they are, the most common people on Earth. The only little difference is that they didn’t give a sh*t about what my dad, my grandfather, me, the religion, their friends, the stupid submissive heroines of the soap operas and movies, and the world had to say about them.

Everyone has the fundamental, basic and inalienable right to do, and not to do, to live the life, to believe and to be whatever human dreams can imagine.