December the month of celebrations, and the best way to learn about American culture. Everyone goes visit their parents and grand-parents and nearly no one stays in town. The offices are almost empty and so are the streets.

Americans like to celebrate and my favorite celebration so far as all Americans I guess, is Thanks Giving. It’s one of the most important celebrations where you see the American family united and at its best and actually Americans families are pretty much united and not as we believe they are.

I think it is just a myth that some people want to believe in so that they find excuses to their misery by saying that Americans leave their parents behind them and don’t care about their children. That is absolutely wrong for many cases. In fact I attended many family dinners to celebrate Thanks Giving and Christmas and family and friends were present, following prayers and rituals that empower the family reunion. At some point I thought we are almost about to start giving up on these celebrations in our countries.

I also attended a mass at the Basilica church just in order to learn more about Christian rituals and the prayer was very spiritual but what I liked the most is the moment when people shake each other hands plus the whole choirs and music played that don’t only add spirituality but a lot of joy and serenity.

It was a delightful experience to spend Thanks giving and Christmas in the US, an experience that I am happy to experience again.

God Bless You!

Safa H.