Early this month, hundreds of millennials gathered for the annual MCON conference at the Newseum in Washington DC. It was another amazing opportunity for young people to gather around on the same table and take time to discuss some of the most pertinent and critical issues driving the world at the moment. American Express Foundation and a few Atlas Corps fellows managed to attend the summit. Here are some key learning points from one of the panel discussion.

Top Key Learning Points from the Technology for Social Good with NBC Universal


  • Elizabeth Lindsey Executive Director, Byte Back
  • Michelle Brown Founder/CEO, CommonLit
  • Justin Block Senior Manager of Retail Information Systems, Feeding America
  • Angie Goff Anchor/Reporter at NBC4 Washington
  1. Narrow in the essence of what you are trying do and start with the easiest way to do it.

  2. Organizations are using LinkedIn to recruit even board members. Tonnes of people on LinkedIn are willing to work for you even without paying. People are really willing to help out.

  3. Find a problem that actually exists and find the simplest solution to that problem.

  4. Use success stories to keep you going and evolving metrics too.

  5. If you have an idea and a solution to critical issues just start building it. Talk with people.

To learn more about the conference watch a recap video by American Express Leadership Academy Alumni, Regina Northouse.