There is a science behind having a good conversation, we tend to have a lot of conversations or be in a situation forced to have one in social settings, business meetings, networking events or even when you meet your in-laws for the first time.
First important thing that most people tend to forget is setting the intention for the conversation, setting the intention will save you from those awkward pauses and silent moments. Always set your intentions and what you want to get out of that conversation.
Second most important thing is your body language, you should go in with an open body language, visible hands, shoulders back and a smile.
Your pick line is very important, by far the simple hello with a smile is more than enough to warm someone up and engage them in a conversation.
Dazzling conversations require what we call conversation sparks, meaning that you have to engage your curiosity, non verbal queues into the conversation to exhibit interest, one thing that is universally used to express these sparks: the eye-brow raise, this technique is by far the easiest and most natural.
Ending the conversation is as hard as starting one, the future mention is a great tool to end a conversation politely, an example of this is:
– What are you doing this weekend?
– Oh, I’m going to a concert.
– Well it was great meeting you and I wish you lots of fun at the concert.
This way you shift the focus from present to future and it will be easier for you to walk away from the conversation leaving the greatest impression.
Remember also to keep your body language open to make it easier for people to approach you and engage with you, and don’t use your cellphone, no one will approach you if you are on your phone.
Keep your conversations positive, fun, exciting and simple.

– Always go with an intention, don’t leave anything to luck.
– Open body language
– Dazzling starting line as simple as Hello, how are you doing today?
– Conversation sparks, exercise those brow muscles!
– First impression is as important as your last impression
– End your conversation with the future mention
– Be open and positive
– Just enjoy, humans are created to make connections!