This was my first time traveling back home just for a visit. All the previous times that I was living abroad and traveled to Argentina, I knew that I was going to stay there until my next mission without having any idea about when that was going to happen. But this time was different. I knew that I was visiting for 2 months and then coming back to the US to finish my extended Fellowship at Atlas Corps. This meant that I wanted to make every minute worth of living. And I think I did!

October 14th to 15th I traveled to another province in Argentina called Santa Fe for a bachelor’s party of my very best friend who was getting married 15 days later. We rented a big house with 22 friends and we had a blast. I cannot mention everything we did in this blog, but believe me, we did everything wish to do in such event. The first night we went to an electronic music party, which we loved it, the second night we went to another nightclub where they were playing cachengue and other latin American sort of music. Not my favorite though. Finally, last night we stayed chilling at home. Well, not really…

October 20th we had the civil wedding of my friend that was getting married. He threw up a party in his home with 300+ people (as if we were not having enough with his actual wedding coming in early November). Another incredible opportunity to catch up with old friends.

October 28th we went to a day party in a great location next to the River Plate in Buenos Aires. Yeah, another electronic music gig. The same friend who was getting married booked a table in the VIP section of the club and we literally had our own space to dance, drink and laugh with 20 friends.

November 4th: The big day. My friend invited more than 450 guests to his wedding far away from the city center. The venue was his farm and he set up an incredible party to have an unforgettable night. And it was like that. It lasted from 6pm to 9am. We ate, we drunk and we didn’t stop dancing until the next morning. I’m sure we all keep this party in our memories because it was just epic!

November 11th we had another “fake” wedding from another friend. What’s a “fake” wedding? Well, this friend has been in a relationship for the past 10 years so we decided to organize a huge party (like a wedding) without the couple knowing anything about it. It was a total surprise and everything went better than expected.

November 18th: My last weekend before heading back to DC. We went to another electronic music gig with 3 friends. It was a memorable event that I will keep it in my heart.

Sometimes is very difficult to express in words what I feel when I’m with my friends in these kind of events. Maybe you know how it feels, if you ever had the chance to go to any. But if you haven’t, make sure you go at least once in your life.

Much peace,