Before technology we as the human being used to wait for someone’s return to listen to his/her travel experience / life experiences of new place. Now as we are in the digital world, where every dot is connected,where the distance only lies in our minds we become more  socially connected and aware about our friends and family. Where the somehow demolished the culture of storytelling in family gatherings, as everyone on your social media life knows how you spent your time out of your country, what made you sad ? What made you happy ? How you faced challenges in your life ?

As we can not control this change neither we should try, as the wise are those who go with the flow and utilize it in the best way. When I came here to this fellowship along with many things that were in mind that I am leaving behind on of them was my regular interactions with young people through my training workshops and public speaking events, I was afraid that this long period of one year might disconnect me from my people back in the country.

But with the help of technology, I become able to keep the connection on, I started doing series of blogs under the title of #RoonjhaInUS. this series includes written blogs,videos, and pictorial stories.

This helped me to remain in the connection and in the light so I don’t become disappear from my people’s lives and it becomes easier for me to remember my learnings as well, As we remember more when we share it with others. I started doing  live video blogs through my facebook page through videos I directly reached around 22000 people through my facebook page in last 2 months and shared by around 300 individuals from the account.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 5.07.32 PM

Screen shot from my page

I would suggest all my fellows to start sharing their experiences to the people out here, these won’t just inspire so many people but will also raise awareness among masses about the life here.

if you are interested to know more about my US experience please visit my website.

I see you with the other blog entry very soon 🙂