Whenever I walk down 14th street towards my work, I live and enjoy the power of a smile and saying a “good morning” to people I don’t know.

For somebody you are most probably the only person who will show care to her/him today. For others you probably make them feel comfortable to believe in humanity and kindness that they may have started to stop trusting. And for me, that makes me happy and thankful for being able to walk in the street, greet people and be safe and not harassed.

I am at the same time thankful and happy but also sad and concerned about losing that when I am back to Morocco. Some simple things here seem granted, but it’s absolutely not the case elsewhere. Being safe from Sexual Harassment is one example.

This is not a taboo anymore since activists started to march against it, but surprisingly it doesn’t seem to move towards any progress. Morocco is definitely doing much better than other MENA countries but there is nothing to be proud about it still. Many of the women who come to the western countries would agree that the safety they feel there from being sexually harassed in the street is definitely bigger than what they feel back home.

Most of us women from these countries, we believe that it is normal to be harassed in the streets, we don’t like it, we avoid it but we still find it normal, not yet a crime but rather our fault. Dressing as respectfully as possible is no more a solution, having a car and being accompanied by a man maybe.

But, till when?

What did the western countries almost stopped this phenomena but not us yet. I am still missing that piece that made the change happen.

With Hope.

Safa H.