The year 2017 will be the most memorable year in my life both in terms of professional and personal. Personally, I had an overwhelming experience in the US meeting people from all around the world, learning their culture, celebrating American holidays, and much more. Whenever I used to see Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration in Hollywood movies, I would always imagine how it would be in the US for holidays. This year, my dreams come true. And, I had an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I was invited by one of my fellow friend’s boss at her home to celebrate Thanksgiving. I was really touched by the warm welcome and humility their family members showered to us on Thanksgiving. American culture is so much like Nepali culture. Holidays for us is all about gathering and good foods. Perhaps, we don’t have a culture of showing gratitude verbally or by gesture in Nepal, so I appreciate this way of thanking others and showing them your gratitude.

I had my first Thanksgiving in the US and I loved it. My colleagues were excited to share their Thanksgiving plan a week ahead, and most of them traveled to their homes to be with their families. According to online news, nearly 51 million Americans traveled during Thanksgiving this year. At the end of the day, we all are same.

It’s exactly the same situation back in my country during the festive season. The week of Thanksgiving made me feel nostalgic about my family gathering and celebration back home with the same sense of festivity and bliss.

This year, I am thankful to Atlas Corps and my host organization, Internews and my supervisor for giving me this opportunity to be in the US. I am really touched by the warm welcome and humility of the family member of my fellow friend’s boss. It felt great to be a part of a family when your family is miles apart. I had a good time knowing all these people, and we talked about food, language, geography, fellowship and of course, politics. It was amazing to know that we share the same value of respect, integrity, peace, and humility.

I am really thankful to God for this opportunity to be an Atlas Corps fellow that allows me to connect with people worldwide and learn from their cultures and values.