I still remember the worst days of my life when jets and helicopters were flying over my head. Obviously, they were looking for terrorists and anti-state groups, but, who can trust them that they will only fire on the anti-state groups and terrorists. This was the reason that everyone used to run like a mad person whenever a jet or a helicopter gets into the area. Wasn’t it tough, yeah, it was. But, there was no one to share our concerns. The operation was led by state’s law enforcement agencies, so lobbying against it will lead you toward two things. First was forced disappearance and the second was death, which I guess no one want!

Forget about all the hustles and tough times – it’s common to happen in some developing countries where state only care of elite class and working hard to increase the gap between elite and other classes. In such scenarios, it is the ‘poor’ public who has to sacrifice. This was all happening in Islamic republic of Pakistan – a Muslim majority country and mostly led by Islamic values “theoretically”. Technically speaking of Islam, this country should have equity and equality, because Islamic values teaches us equity, equality, brotherhood, and respect.

Moving forward, let’s have a look at the world. We live in 21st century. Everything is so advanced; we are coming up with so many advancements in almost every walk of life. We are progressing toward making human living possible on earth to reduce some burden from this world. We are having new discoveries, inventions, and innovations in different walks of life. We are focusing on research and development, and working hard to prevail human rights for every citizen of the world, BUT, still in this advanced world, we believe in WAR, and instead of resolving conflicts through negotiations, the power holders prefer WAR over negotiations and so many other ways to resolve conflicts peacefully.

It’s an easy way for them to resolve conflicts. Blow out bombs, fire some jets, and kill millions of people, and then everything is gone. Yeah, for them everything is gone, except for the financial loss, but, they don’t know the pain of the people who are suffered of war against terror (so called terror).

Ask me? How I am feeling after war against terror experience and disaster:

To save your time, I will say that war is not a solution to resolve any issues either small or a big one. It ruins lives, destroy the billions’ worth infrastructure, and make lives miserable. Being a victim of the war against terror, we lost everything. Everything, I mean everything.  How about a house that you build by investing millions? How about the family business that was all gone in three days? How about days long walk in threats of terrorists and states groups to move to a safe area. How about the family members and friends, leaving all behind and just caring about myself? How about the migration? How about ruining all your future and starting life from the scratch like a baby?

Wherever, either in Pakistan or in Gaza, or any other part of the world, all this is not fun, and is very tough. It’s so tough that sometimes it’s hard to share your story with someone because it reminds you all those bitter moments that you never remind. More than that, affects are life-long. You are no more that person because of the trauma that you have faced, and its aftermaths.

The solution to all these conflicts is the negotiation, table talks, understanding, and patience, but, the question is who is going to step up? Someone should answer this question seriously; otherwise we must welcome another major war.