Inner peace, serenity, calm, peaceful …. All these words trigger a pretty weird emotions inside of me me. And to be honest, I don’t know why. It started few months earlier with my coach. I have been selected to take part of a leadership development program.  As every single person of my age, I saw it as an opportunity to add a new certificate to my resume. Surprise: it was something totally different.

I will not talk about the whole process, I will probably need a book and not a blog, but it somehow transformed me!

Now you are probably searching for a link between inner peace and leadership development. Just wait for it.

First thing first, in order to define what type of leader you are, you need to understand who you are. Like deep deeeeeep inside: What are your values, your distinctive character, what hurts you, what make you happy and meet your demons. The idea is not to face your fear but to make peace with it and learn how to live with it.

One golden rule about coaching that it is nothing to do with a therapy. It s more about helping you find the answers inside (an inner call) rather than getting answers by an expert.

It all happened at the right time (or let’s say the worse time ever): Moving to a new country, to a new city (where you literally don’t know anyone), to  perform a new a job in a new cultural environment , with 9 hours difference from home and the man you thought you will end up your life with just break up with you.  My life was a complete disaster.

At that time, I took my first coaching session, I tried to hold myself and not to explode in tears, but my coach kept pushing my limits and digging inside to explore my real me and help me reach my inner peace. I never believe in these kinds of practices maybe because I am more a rational person but what happened that day just enlightened me.

Being able to open up to a voice with is 54397607km away over a skype call was just magical specially that I am very reserved person. At some point, I thought she was a witch, but all her magic lies on her empathy. This woman was able to see through me and feel my pain and my frustration and just to tell: “It’s okay to be human and feel emotions”. Since I was little girl, the way I process with feeling is pretty simple: Whenever it becomes too intense for me, I just put my feeling in plastic bag and throw them in recycle bin.

I understood that in a moment of breakdown, surrender is your best weapon. Don’t try to control it, postpone it or run away from it. As unconformable that it might seem, all you have to do is to face. This is how you get over it. At the end, it will feel better.

Of course, it took me time to start enjoying properly my journey in WA state but I understood that it all came from the inside.  We attract what we want. If you cage yourself in sadness and anger and nostalgia, this is what you will get for sure.

It also took me a while to make peace with myself and enjoy my own company. I understood that in life you have to be selfish and think about your own happiness rather than chasing people’s validation.

Nothing can really affect me cause all it counts for now and on it’s Me. As you might hear it often from me ‘Inner peace is the new success’.

Thank you, S., for all your support.