It took me a while to figure out a lot of things considering that I am starting a new journey. Wait… an amazing journey that I’m ready to embark on – made possible by Atlas Service Corps, Inc. considering that I’m one of the best of the world’s rising leaders :). This time, it’s at the heart of New York City!

Today started on a high note! From figuring out what to wear, matching shoes or boots since its winter, to composing myself on how I would present myself to my new colleagues and make a good first impression on my new boss and co-workers. This was absolutely terrifying.

On the train, on my way to work, there are different faces, people dressed in different attires and looking super calm. Some people standing staring through the window, others listening to music while some of them reading something on their kindles. This reminds me of what Billy Collins b, (1941) said, “As you fly swiftly underground with a song in your ears or lost in the maze of a book, remember the ones who descended here in to the mire of bedrock to bore a hole through this granite, to clear a passage for you where there was darkness and stone. Remember as you come up into the light.”

I wanted to make sure I step out off the train on the right foot. Well I did, but then again, I got lost in the midst of Herald Square – this being the intersection that is formed of Broadway, Sixth Avenue (officially named Avenue of the Americas), and 34th Street in the borough of Manhattan in New York City (for those who might not be familiar with this). Google map did not fail me…it got me right there, but I just couldn’t think further than the Irish Pub which was staring right in front of my eye!!

Fast forward, I’m in the elevator, smiling at a stranger who turns out to be, my in-a-few minutes colleague to be. Her name is Sarah! In her beautiful, welcoming voice she asks, ‘are you heading to GenOn?’ First, I didn’t catch that, and after a second, I acknowledged positively. A hug, then an intro just like a 45 seconds elevator pitch.

Just outside the elevator is Terra, the Vice President of GenerationOn. I can’t feel my feet, but I have to focus and be composed. I smile after hearing her welcoming voice. Awkward moment on whether to hug or shake hands. I do know it’s appropriate to shake hands when you first meet someone. I follow my guts and shake my new Supervisor’s hand.

The room is full of people. All of them smiling their hearts out. This actually makes me feel a bit comfortable :). We head to the boardroom after a sumptuous breakfast for all, and the team is very excited to have us. I forgot to mention that Abdulahi is also a new fellow colleague.

First on the agenda is getting to know each other. Introductions kick off in a very special way. Atlas Corps calls it the brown bag, GenOn calls it differently more like – I say potato you say ‘potatoe’. Moving on to the next item on the list is getting a glimpse of Points of Light /GenerationOn’s amazing work.    I’m getting excited by the minute considering how this organization has impacted on the lives of many kids and young people. A very inspiring day indeed.

My heart is filled with joy knowing that Atlas Corps saw the potential in me and now I have an opportunity to spread my wings, change a life and change the world. I feel appreciated and welcomed to this new family. I knocked and an opportunity presented itself and now the door is open for more.

I’m ready to learn and exchange my skills with everyone on-board. I will make tomorrow better that today with the help of you all. It’s indeed going to be a beautiful journey Class23, as we all enjoy the sweet breeze of Atlas Corps and in my case, GenerationOn.


Written by: Njeri Muturi