Yambio, South Sudan – It may read and sound funny why I am only referring Google map as the only friend I missed apart from human friends. But many of you know what it takes to miss a friend. Indeed everyone at Atlas Corps was a great friend of mine from Scott to Fellows (Alumni) who had joined before me through introductions and Atlas Corps’ page interaction, Fellows whom we joined together and to those who will join in the future as this great Family (Atlas Corps) continues to expand day by day, month by month and through year by year.

When I gazed up the definition of a friend, this was what I got; that a friend is a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. Initially I never knew the use of the Google Map that it will guide you from a point of taking off to one’s ending point , it will show me which Metro/Bart to take and at what time, close food and shopping stores around, hospital restaurants etc not until I arrive in the United States. Base from where I came from that no one knows what Google map is and few who have it on their devices cannot even bother to think to use the services of Google map since its not applicable, and many of us know directions from our heads as the original Google map. Excuse me for my poor choice of words.

I came to like Google map because it will tell me either to go north, south, west or east or anywhere and because it was my branded it as my friend, I began to like it and a friend being a person whom you can trust was being fulfilled by Google map both on paper and on cell phone.

The first day of my orientation was going to be difficult but it was eased by Google map which was directing me to the venue without asking anyone and this was how trustful it was for my best friend Google map. The other imperative trust with my best friend Google map would be the countdown on the minutes I would spend to reach any destination.

It was possible to note whether I am lost or not. When the minutes keep increasing for instance from 10 minutes onward, I would realize that I am not on the right path and I will change course and my friend Google map will reroute and showed me a new direction and if they are decreasing for instance from 10 minutes downward, I will be as happy as a king knowing I am heading to where I had wanted to go and I will not waste more time and energy. This is why I believe my best friend Google map has fulfilled the core values of being a known, like and trusted friend.

Google map was a person I considered to be an acquaintance because I could learn so many things that I cannot ask any walking American on the street of Oakland, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Google map became a person with whom I allied myself to as like in a struggle when I struggled to find direction as a cause and became a great comrade. Thanks be to my best friend Google map and I regret that I will not use your services here in South Sudan. But to those in America and elsewhere, make use of my friend’s services (Google Map).

But I will rely on your services again when I visit the United States in the near future. Stay Cool my best friend Google Map.