Women have exaggeratedly been undermined and still are in some parts of the world. Inequality created by some people who pretend to act according to faith-based holy scriptures has gone beyond measure that some people, the feminists, chose to stand up to fight for women’s rights.


This work is not really in vain because in some countries like Iceland, Rwanda or Sweden, women have really regained or kept their value and consideration in the society. However, in some parts, this goes to some extent where men feel like if they don’t keep an open eye, it may be too late to reverse the process! It’s true, because in these areas, most of the job adverts say “Women Preferred”; women are normally known to be involved in less crimes than men, hence relatively more trustable.

Back to fighting for women, while some choose to fight for women’s rights and others for men’s rights, this creates a dangerous temper of opposition between both sides while it shouldn’t really be like that.
Women fighting for women trying to act/behave like men, being harsh, disrespectful or other behaviors that are judged inappropriate, will help on nothing than worsening the situation. Imagine a man trying to behave/act like women in order to fight for fellow men, that would look awkward, isn’t it? So does the current feminism! Dear feminists, fighting with anger and rudeness will only motivate your oppressors.
Dear women, you have got some of the most powerful natural characters that men can’t fail to. Your smile and tenderness are much stronger than insults. Your humility is stronger rudeness.
Women are our mothers, aunties, sisters and daughters; men are our fathers, uncles, brothers and sons. So, why all this saga? And after all, we are all humans.
This is why I chose to be a humanist to fight for equal rights for fellow humans, I mean men and women.