Foundation Centre and Human Rights Funders Network in their launching event “Mapping the Money, A Changing Landscape of Human Rights Funding” presented their latest study on Human Rights Global Grantmaking trends for 2011-2015. The study, a continuation of their research work over years, tries to answer a simple question “who is funding human right issues, and where?”

The Foundation Centre, as one of the world’s leading source of information on philanthropy, fundraising, and grant programs, together with several partners[1], created this interactive research hub, with data provided by the foundations themselves, mapping in this way the landscape of human rights funding.

Developing and sharing data about human rights funding help founders, program developers and advocates to not only understand better the field, but also develop strategies accordingly and increase the effectiveness of their work.


This knowledge tool allows organizations to make informed decisions, by analyzing funding flows and place their work in the context of the larger sector. The data provided in the tool can also help organizations to track trends and find partners. Just by scanning the field you get to know who is founding whom, on what, and how much?



Some of the key findings

“Only 5% of all philanthropic funding goes to human rights

Overall funding for human rights and social justice increased by 45%.

Funding for Environmental and Resource Rights more than doubled.

Funding for Latin America and Mexico decreased by 12%. Funding for the rights of People with Disabilities decreased by 23%.



Funding for strategies such as Grassroots Organizing and Litigation and Legal Aid nearly quadrupled. Public Engagement and Awareness-Raising more than doubled. Research and Documentation decreased by 19%.”

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[1] This initiative is a collaborative effort between Foundation Center and Human Rights Founders Network, along with other partners, such as Ariadne – European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights and Prospera – International Network of Women’s Funds.

Disclaimer*: All pictures/info-graphics are property of Foundation Center and Human Rights Founder Network, and are posted here just for illustration purposes.