Happy-New-Year-2016-HD-Wallpapers-Images-Pictures6It’s that time again that we lay out goals for the year. Most people talk about becoming more organized, others continue with the most common resolution of losing a little bit of weight, while others think of spending more time with their kids. To add on this list, some people talk of spending more time praying while others seek to marry and so on. Happy 2016 everybody, let us all be safe!

New Year’s Resolutions are all admirable; what you do to make these ideas come through is the key. Actions speak louder than words. You can’t expect to set a goal and change nothing about your current routine and still achieve it. You have to work extra hard to achieve the goals to enrich your desire of 2016.

I have a few thoughts you may want to consider as you move from January to December

Set an overall Goal

Do you have a goal for the year? I know I have one: To stop living in my own world, get out there and live in the bigger world! I want to be a better person. You need to come up with a clear and a concise goal in order to start working on it. Brainstorm the specifics of your goal, write it down and let people closer to you know about it. Once people in your circles know you are working towards something specific, they are less likely to be an obstruction to your cause.

Ensure that Your Goal is Attainable

You have to set a goal that you are able to achieve. Don’t be too hard on yourself; take it easy. You don’t have to kill yourself with a heavy load. Remember you want to enjoy from January to December. If you want to loose a little bit of weight then start going to the gym at least two or three times a week.

Have a Timeline or a Schedule

Most of the time we find ourselves mixed up in our daily activities or chores because we don’t have a schedule. Sometimes I look at my calendar and tell myself, “If it wasn’t on my calendar, I wouldn’t have done it.” This doesn’t mean that if it’s not on my calendar I can’t do it. It is good to be organized so that you find time to fix new activities that come along the way. You have to commit yourself by coming up with schedules that fit your needs every week. You can start by writing down then transfer these ideas on your smart phone on your Outlook or Gmail calendar. I know you have a smart phone or a calendar that allows you to edit and fix activities. Let’s do it!

Don’t Pressure yourself

Nobody is perfect. Don’t get frustrated if you are not achieving anything. It is not time to give up. Remind yourself that in life there are ups and downs. All you have to do is to pick yourself up and start all over again, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall. The way you pick yourself up and start walking again is what determines the end. If it was easy then you could be doing it every other year. Keep calm and continue. We only have 12 months in a year after all. You can do it! Be motivated.

Reward Your Achievements

I have a professor who used to tell me “Dan Friday, you know what? Pat yourself on the back if your boss doesn’t appreciate you. You can jump up, sing and celebrate on your own behalf.” Don’t forget to celebrate. Share all your successes with your friends and family. Encouragement from yourself and loved ones can go a long way. Reward yourself as much as you can even if it’s monthly. Eat something you love or buy something you love. A little positive reinforcement goes a long way! You can also travel to new places with family or friends. Get out there and explore in 2016.

Do you feel motivated? If you do then let’s go! At the end of the year, we will all celebrate after working hard!