When I attended Hive’s Global Leadership program in San Francisco between May 26th to May 30th, I didn’t really expect that what I was going to do in the future. I mean I know what I will do right after I go back to Korea early July as I got a job there. But it was a great opportunity for me to think of it seriously during the program. Over hundred innovators and creators from 40 countries gathered together. Following by the workbook “Designing Your Life,” I tried to explore what makes me come alive, what I am good at and what does the world need. Under those questions, there are reasonable flows to think and find each answer to reach out to lifetime goals.

What makes me come alive?hive five hkelly
– What am I grateful for?
– What is important to me?
This is a great question indeed. Tough question though. Two co- founders of Hive went through life threatened or heart breaking experiences in the past and totally changed the way they used to live and came up to launch Hive in San Francisco. I like the way they encourage and inspire people in an exciting and fun way. Before they began each session, there was a dance time on the stage and stretching with yoga teacher. Whenever, wherever, we were encouraged to high five and it made us smile and get closed to each other very quickly. This is quite meaningful to look back on our lives an find what the most meaningful for us to pursue for the rest of life. I think Hive can be a lighthouse for those are looking for it. They don’t give us right answers of course. But they help us, nudge us and navigate us to find it professionally.

What I am good at?dance time
-What opportunities do I see?
-What could I do professionally that would light me up inside?
-What would I do if I were unreasonable?
-What is holding me back?
-What must change for me to fully unleash my spirit?
-What might be my purpose for the next phase of my life?

It’s a rather easy question. As I am interested in social entrepreneurship and social impact, my unreasonable idea was traveling all countries and living up to 1 year each country in order to meet social entrepreneurs, change makes, community builders and connect each other organically. So excited how I make it happen.

What does the world need?Group 4_1
There are so many issues and problems in the world. If I touch one of them at least and try to solve it, it would be wonderful to make a better world in the long run. As I made up my mind to transition my career path from corporate marketing to social entrepreneurship, I am very excited and thrilled to explore the new world in Korea and overseas.

In conclusion, here is my lifetime goal.
I will be known as the happy and impactful community builder and connector for a better world. What is yours?

with Bora @hive