What a great surprise is to wake up in a Sunday morning, open your laptop and find in your work e-mail a wonderful post from The Washington Post about your host organization.

Miriam´s Kitchen runs an Art Therapy program twice a day, lead by Senior Art Therapist Lindsey Vance, where our guests can create and express themselves without prejudice. Homelessness needs to see with mental health, trauma and substance abuse most of the times. And why art is involved with all of that? Because it brings health in all possible ways you can imagine!

As a case manager, I saw the importance of connecting art with the social services that we provide. I saw art like the only way of start having a conversation with our guests (a.k.a. clients but we called them like this, because they are at home at MK) about housing and what feelings and fears are facing at the moment, I’ve observed guests making art smiling, I saw guests creating beautiful necklaces and thinking of giving them to the person that they like… all of these create a change of life, sometimes it’s just a very small step in the present life, but it will be a huge one in the future of this individual.

Art, health and human relations are all connected!

In this article you can find two stories of life. Two stories of life empowerment through art. Enjoy them!


Art at MK