El Salvador experienced a civil war from 1979 to 1992, after that we have to endured a harsh political reality, the corruption, the first part of this article I talked about how the right-wing political party had taken advantage to enrich themselves in the periods post war, in this second part I will talk about the most recent years.

In 2008, a new political figure would start to emerge, someone who would give the left-wing party an opportunity, Mauricio Funes, people believed in him, I believed in him, why? Because he was a middle class guy, who was not involved in the armed conflict, who worked as a journalist, who had questioned many politicians in interviews, who spoke powerfully about how things should be done correctly, oh God, what a fool we were, maybe it’s our great sin to believe that this time things will be different, finally, the people overcame the fear of change and in 2009 the first president of the left-wing ideology, Mauricio Funes, would come to the presidency, after winning the presidency I rarely heard about his work , became known more for scandals, went from having a modest house to having many mansions and properties, vehicles, expensive weapons, a new wife and a lot of travels. Like people say he was drowned of power, this year (2018) it has ordered his incarceration for illicit enrichment exceeding $351 millions of dollars, now he lives in Nicaragua with political asylum, first leftist president and he did exactly the same, well not the same, he did worse than the right party, in an attempt to not be involved both parties (left party and the right party) they separated all those ex-presidents of their fields.

Even without knowing the consequent judicial charges that would come to all these presidents, people finally knew that there was nobody to trust. What do you do when your only two options to govern your country have disappointed you? Go for a lesser evil? It is what we always hear there “the least bad”. Currently we have President Sanchez Ceren (left party), I must say that I don’t know if he is stealing money, I don’t know if at the end of his period he will end up having 100% more money, but if I have to say that I am ashamed to say that he is my President, someone who can’t speak in public and it feels that he is not a leader, again the left party has disappointed. Sadly El Salvador is cornered.

Although the hope of having a third political option has emerged, it is always scared of whether this new character will be the same as the previous ones or if it will really make a difference, obviously as a Salvadoran I hope this is the latter.

I know that until now I have focused on the presidents and their robberies to public funds but they are not the only ones who make fun of us, as I said at the beginning it is the Salvadoran policy that is contaminated, with deputies who have lived a lifetime in the legislative assembly, dinosaurs that have lived by the people year after year, they have some of the best salaries of public officials, salary that anyone would like to have in El Salvador and yet I have heard many complain that they are doing more than they should. (sounds like a mockery for someone who gets to sit in a very comfortable chair, to serve their food and can check social networks while making country decisions) really is a mockery, in 2017 decided to reduce the money that is gave them to the pensioners, money that our parents have sweated to earn it and that same year they gave themselves an annual bonus for “excellent” work they have done, many of them they travel with government funds, many of them use government transports (gasoline included) for personal trips, many of them have advisors and their advisors have advisors and it seems that advisors’ advisors earn a better salary than a university professor, what kind of mockery is this, a deputy bought 2 computers with a price of $30,000 but what kind of work this deputy does? Does she use these computers to service Google and Facebook? And in full 2018 we have a terrible public health service, where there is no medicine, with all this and the deputies were considering building and new Assembly building before building a new hospital, isn’t it a mockery? And in cases of corruption are covered by other corrupt and if someone is prosecuted for corruption is more likely to be sick and suddenly disappear, is a mockery.

I must admit that after writing all this is inevitable not feel bad, helpless, angry, wanting to do something to change this, unfortunately for now the only thing that I can do is try to keep doing things right, keep studying, keep working in my field and especially when someone asked me about my country I will always talk about how beautiful it is and how wonderful it could be when we eradicate that political cancer and our country begins to take a better path.