The other day I was just reflecting on how many a time we let the circumstances surrounding us be a gauge or barometer for our happiness. We always have this temptation or urge within us as human beings to want to postpone happiness and fulfilment until that time we feel we have all the privileges of life. But then the journey of life is not always smooth sailing; sometimes the road is bumpy, rough, unwinding and even scary. Let me contextualise this in my present setting of being a fellow living on a limited stipend. The stipend is indeed meant to cover the most basic of expenses or may even fail to meet all the basics if you are not careful on the choice of grocery stores to buy from or which Metro or phone plan to opt for. So I ask myself, should I wait for one year or more when I will be finally financially emancipated for me to be joyful, content and outgoing? Should I view the glass as half full or half empty?  I told myself I am going to enjoy this fellow life to the best of my ability under the given circumstances. Almost every weekend, I have a marvellous time out at zero or little cost with my friends whereby we just enjoy the beauty of nature and God’s other wonderful creations. All we need is one thing; either a phone or camera with great picture resolution and we have solid and fulfilling ‘selfie’ and ‘photo shoot’ sessions. In my view, these are the most picturesque weekends of my life in DC. I have chosen to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!