Philadelphia is an exceptional and exquisite city. Every time I veer off, I find a historic building or ostentatious restaurants. Philadelphia was the interim capital of the United States, 1790–1800, while the Federal City was under construction in the District of Columbia. You would find arts running the blood stream of the city. Graffiti on walls, high-ceiling theatres, live performances on streets, etc.

First Landing to Philly

I had no clue where I should stay when I headed to Philly from Washington DC, so I went to Chamounix Mansion as an temporary residence. Coming from environment I used to stay at 4-5 * hotels, Chamounix mansion was a lovely experience. Although, staying with 5 persons at a moderate size room was troublesome, running discussions with young people coming from every corner in the world has a different taste as you learn more about new traditions and habits.


Staying there for more than 10 days, disparate and stressed to find a decent accommodation, I was notoriously short-sighted that I was about to accept any available option for permanent residence. I went to dangerous neighborhoods with no sense of knowledge about the area but I met there a real estate agent where she tried to engage her full cylinder searching skills to meet my recommendations. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be able to find anything up to my expectations.

The first day I went to my host organization – SAP – 22 Billion software company at Newtown Square – I enjoyed the tour with the marketing director. He was helpful in giving tips for accommodation. His recommendation was to search nearby universities.


Taking up his suggestion into action, I found a student at Drexel University offering a 4-bed apartment at Drexel on Campus Housing for 1000$ !!! I went there with high hopes but I have been taken by surprise as the cost of a single bed was 1000$!! not the whole apartment.


The building was too good to be true. Anyway, I and my fellow – Mohsin didn’t give up and tried to search in the area looking for leasing offices. While we are doing so, I received a call from a strange number telling me that you left a voice note asking for an accommodation. We went there with dashed hopes but once we reached there, our jaws dropped. The place was literally an amazing spot with renting price of 650$ including utilities !!! The metro station is 500 meters away and very close to Pennsylvania Medicine – ranked 5th on the united states for the quality of medical education.

Good Food Flats

Good Food Flats is a newly established property composed of 4 floors. It is luxury designed for students/professionals to feel comfortable, chill and enjoy to the max.

The ground floor is composed of a perfect meeting room, huge reception with a 50-inch screen, barbecue/tanning area, and new bicycles for the tenants.


The Second floor has a fitness gym and apartments where each can host 4 tenants. Each apartment is fully equipped with new appliances and the basic furniture. Appartments span all over the 4 floors.

The third floor is full of small study rooms where each has a desk, two chairs, and 40-inch LCD TV.


The fourth floor is my favorite where I used to meet the brightest minds from Pennsylvania/Drexel University. We used to party and watch everything you could imagine NetFlix, HBO, etc on two huge 55-inch screens. That shared area is completely furnished with comfy couches and full kitchen.


I could tell that Good Food Flats is the perfect residence for the upcoming fellows considering to serve in Philly. In case you find the fitness gym in the building doesn’t meet your standards, you could hit Drexel recreation center for an annual subscription of 500$. It is a huge facility with massive swimming pool and 2 floors of advanced machines.

See you later for more stories 🙂